Why I Chose to Make my Bath Bombs Vegan

Something very important to me is that my bath bombs are always 100% vegan. But why does this matter so much? Well, the answer isn’t super straightforward, so let me explain.

When it comes to the topic of animal treatment, people usually fall into one of two groups: animal rights and animal welfare. The animal rights group believes that animals are not for human use or consumption in any way. These people usually are vegetarian or vegan. The animal welfare group believes that it is okay to use or consume animals, as long as it is done humanely and ethically. And although my products are vegan and I personally follow a vegetarian diet, I support animal welfare.

So, why don’t I use animal products even though I believe that humane animal use is okay? Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine exactly how the animal products we buy were produced. There are several FDA and USDA loopholes that companies can make, causing product labels to be misleading. For example, the term “free range” really only means that poultry have to have access to the outdoors for at least some time each day. Because of the vagueness of this rule, many companies take advantage of it. To avoid accidentally buying ingredients from a company that may mistreat animals, I don’t use animal products at all. Because of the way the industry is currently set up, Bubbles & Fizz is a 100% vegan business, not because I am against the use of animal products altogether, but to avoid supporting the mistreatment of animals.