Bath Bombs

The bath bombs I make come in all different scents! I am always adding new ones, so feel free to email me at with any suggestions. Then, when you’ve decided what bath bombs you want, head to the ordering page!

Bubbles & Fizz Bath Bombs are…

  • 100% vegan
  • colored with skin-safe, non-toxic, stain-free dyes
  • made with moisturizing coconut oil to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky- not greasy!
  • no mess- they have water soluble dyes and are glitter-free, so that means nothing for you to clean out of the tub or off your body!
  • mica free- it was discovered that illegal child labor was being used as part of the mining process for mica, a mineral used in many cosmetics to create a shimmery effect
  • made with either essential oil or fragrance oil, depending on the bath bomb. Check out this blog post about it for information on the differences and the purposes of both!
  • an easy way to support awesome organizations! Some bath bombs have 15% of the sales donated to certain causes. (Bolded in the bath bomb descriptions below!)
Tea Tree (1)
Cupcake (4)
Lavender (7)
Gardenia (2)
Lemongrass (5)
Geodes (8)
Sunset Citrus (3)
Grapefruit (6)
Ylang Ylang (9)
  1. Tea Tree- fresh and foresty, known for headache and sinus relief, made with tea tree essential oil

2. Gardenia- sweet and floral, made with gardenia fragrance oil

3. Sunset Citrus- blend of bergamot, orange, and grapefruit, made with those essential oils

4. Cupcake- cake scented, “sprinkles” made of colored epsom salts, made with cake scented fragrance oil

5. Lemongrass- lemon citrus with a hint of spiciness, 15% of the sales of the Lemongrass Bath Bomb are donated to several organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement: Black Visions Collective, Campaign Zero, and Color of Change, made with lemongrass essential oil

6. Grapefruit- sweet and citrusy, made with grapefruit essential oil

7. Lavender- earthy and floral, made with lavender essential oil

8. Geodes- blend of spearmint and lavender (the perfect balance of sweet, fresh, floral, and earthy!), “rock crystals” made of colored epsom salts, comes in four different colors, made with spearmint and lavender essential oils

9. Ylang Ylang- pronounced EE-lang EE-lang, sweet and floral (similar to jasmine), 15% of the sales of the Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb are donated to LGBTQ+ organizations: The Trevor Project and GLAAD, made with ylang ylang essential oil