Valentine’s Day Sets: Bath Bomb and Jewelry!

For a limited time- from now until after Valentine’s Day- I have partnered with Catwalk Gems to sell sets of a Bubbles & Fizz bath bomb (strawberry or grapefruit) and Catwalk Gems jewelry (earrings or a bracelet)! Here are the details:

Bath bomb (strawberry/grapefruit) and earrings- $15

Bath bomb (strawberry/grapefruit) and bracelet- $20

Catwalk Gems jewelry is all handmade, and so are the bath bombs. Grapefruit bath bombs are all-natural, too! These adorable sets are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone- or yourself! 🙂

For more Catwalk Gems jewelry, click here.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon- so make sure you order a set before it’s too late!

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